Tract 10440

The Tract number 10440 map was filed on March 29, 1929.  It was to be 49 lots for houses.  Ultimately, houses were erected only on lots 1-20.  The other lots would become a school site.

Lots 21-49 were resubdivided by the Los Angeles City School District as a single 4.4382 acre lot for Overland Elementary School:   Tract no. 9976.  Although the school opened in February 1932 , the tract  paperwork was prepared in March 1932 and recorded on August 13, 1932.  

July 18, 1928, Fairchild Aerial Surveys photograph (for Standard Oil Company) of land that would be subdivided into Tract 10440.   (Photo courtesy UCSB Library Aerial Photography Collection .)

June 18, 1934, Fairchild Aerial Surveys photograph (for Los Angeles Bureau of Water Works & Supply – today's LADWP ) of land that had been subdivided into Tracts 10440 and  9976.  (Photo courtesy UCSB Library Aerial Photography Collection .)