Tract 19364 (Girla Way)

Roy B. Warring's Tract centered on a street named after his horse?

On August 18, 1954, Roy B. Warring (c. 1901-1969) filed  Tract no. 19364 with the City of Los Angeles, laying out ten homesites along a new street – Girla Way – between Sanford Adler's contemporaneous developments:  California Country Club Estates and Hillcrest View Estates. 

Permits for building all ten homes were obtained by different owners; however, all but one show the same architect, C.A. Williams of 3557 Dunn Drive in Palms.  The exception was the home at 9914 Girla Way  built by Gerald B. Surfas (1916-2009), founder of Surfas Culinary District .  Two of the homes were listed for sale as new in 1955, including the one built by Warring at 9919 Girla Way .  

Mr. Warring was an owner and breeder of thoroughbred horses, including "Girlaway" – likely named after famed Triple Crown winner Whirlaway

Girla Way street sign with Baldwin Hills in the background.