Worsfold's History

At age seven, David I. Worsfold (1907-1975) moved with is family to The Palms.  He learned to swim in Ballona Creek and coasted down unpaved Lowe’s Hill (Overland Avenue) in a homemade wagon.  He dedicated himself to retaining Palm's identity.  Los Angeles Times reporter Doug Smith wrote 1972:  " Perhaps without a man like David Worsfold to protect it, the oldest community on the West Side might already have been printed over and forgotten. "  Mr. Worsfold's sister-in-law, Henriette Worsfold, generously shared these materials with this site's author.  

(c. 1940)

The Railroad and the Old Palms Depot
(c. 1946)

My 50 Years in Palms

David Worsfold's Letters
... in defense of Palms
(1933, 1969, 1974)